Meet Amy


Amy J.N. Greene writes for SmartBunnies, the health blog she launched in 2010. She is also pursuing a passion building YipoCorp, the sports and health initiative she co-founded with her husband, a physician and healthcare executive.

Amy is employed with a major health and well-being company, focusing on internal communications and strategy. For several years at this firm, she was responsible for marketing and product development in an employer health benefits division, where she helped clients develop business solutions for managing healthcare cost and quality. In this role, she championed the use of predictive modeling technology to identify opportunities to improve health plan members’ compliance with medical guidance and best practices. This work led to improvements in health metrics and a concurrent reduction in medical claims costs.

Amy graduated from Virginia Tech, earning her B.S. in Marketing in 1990. She has since completed course work in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health through The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona.