Mark Bittman Talks Turkey

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, friends. Here in NC, we’ve had a marvelous one so far, having attended a thoroughbread racing event yesterday with good friends against a backdrop of blue sky with poofs of red and orange leaves fluttering down. Even though today is kind of a catch-up day, after my to-do list is done enough, I’ll be picking up a good read. How about you?

If you’re seeking some engaging reading related to health, in his recent blog entry, food culture writer Mark Bittman shares several thoughtful sources in the timely form of a list of things for which he is thankful. As you scroll down the list, you’ll notice that his range of topics extends far wider than just food. The texts he cites cover everything from changing our laws to shaping our shopping. A long leap from food, to be sure. But when you start thinking about food, it’s quite natural to find that your interests wander. At least that is what’s been happing to me.

Although nutrition information is central to my efforts in learning and sharing knowledge about health, I’m realizing that nutrition is connected to the world in nearly every way. It is of the world, in the world, and for the world. It destroys and cures, and it influences individual things (like brains) and vast expanses (like economies). So I don’t mind the topics Bittman includes outside of the plain old nutrition stuff. It’s all connected. Check out his list here, and make a couple of picks of your own! “No Turkeys Here”

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