First do no harm. –Hippocrates

If Hippocrates lived today, he may have instead said “First preserve health.”

I believe we have the ability to use nutrition and exercise to live vibrantly, and to be happy about it. The more we move toward that ideal, the more our physicians will be able to focus on supplementing our good work with their specialized knowledge and today’s mind-bending technology to ensure disease is halted at its earliest stages, in the least traumatic and most efficient ways possible.

SmartBunnies is simply a collection of reviews of articles and books, along with commentary about health information–mainly about nutrition–from some of the best well-being culture sources available. It is my attempt to supply you convenient access to scientific, clinical, cultural, and policy information from those who study health.

A couple of years ago, not being a clinician, I embarked on a layman’s quest for knowledge about keeping the only thing I’ll own until death, my own body, in the best condition possible, for as long as possible. One day, I started reading about health, and somehow, over time, the desire to make better lifestyle choices just caught me. The more I read, the more my thinking evolved. As a result of the learning, I defaulted to making better personal choices. I have an overwhelming sense of happiness knowing I’ve made improvements. It’s an evolutionaly process, and I feel compelled to share with you what I am learning. Maybe it will save you some time. Maybe it will pique your interest in learning more on your own. Maybe it will spark a passion for personal improvement. Whatever the result, my only desire is to share good information about preserving health.

We need to surround ourselves with enough good information to infuse our culture with the knowledge that creates action, and gently lifts our expectations of the way we should feel and look as we age. The information is available.

Years ago, when starting out in my career, I went through a particularly difficult period at work. My team was stumbling, having sustained a series of setbacks. Luckily, we had a wise leader who told us, “The solutions reside within you, assuming you have the information you need. Be smart about it. The knowledge is there if you look.” So simple, yet so profound. Kind of fits here, too.

Visit often, and share ideas and sources for life-preserving information that you’ve uncovered in your own quest.

And from our friend Hippocrates, one closing thought:

“Let food be thy medicine.”