Go Bananas: Chiquita Brands CEO on Squawk Box

Chiquita Brands Video on Squawk Box …Check out this video. This morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Chiquita Brands President & CEO Fernando Aguirre discussed the company’s approach to helping people consume more fruits and vegetables.

From my own informal surveying, I have found that very few people consume (even close to) the recommended daily number of servings in the fruits and vegetables–aka F&V–category. Yet, according to all the best sources, these are so very important for maintaining health.

That’s the whole point of the SmartBunnies project… Consume the foods you need, through your life, as a way to maintain and improve health. To become a member of the “club,” you need only to do this one thing: Learn about and value food (food!) as a path to the cure for the future. Together, we will change our culture. (Much more coming later on the far-reaching societal effects of eating well.)

Granted, inherent to the company’s product portfolio, Chiquita Brands is nicely poised to gain from making intentional moves forward in this area. This is in no way a negative. Rather, it is capitalism supporting a wonderful human initiative. After all, what could be better for momentum than when the two align? And, there are many, many other companies that can influence our food culture.

Nice to know Chiquita is in a position to help. Let me know your thoughts about Chiquita’s projects…and your ideas for what we (you and I) can do to expand on their good work. And of course, now that you’re thinking Chiquita, take a lead from Squawk’s Joe Kernen and have a banana. 🙂

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